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Radical Acts of Embodiment

A 30 Hour Teacher Training Intensive with DAGES JUVELIER KEATES assisted by Antonia Lingemann

at Original Feelings Studio

800,00€ early bird valid till 14.04.2023
900,00€ regular price


No matter who you are, you fit yourself well. Your knees can fit your armpits, your feet behind your head, your heels into your palms. Using these fits functionally, you can train your practice to be framed and well adjusted. Yoga practice gives you an opportunity to measure up, re-organize your forms, and find the awe that you were designed to fit into yourself and the world with effortless effort. Reorienting from within your practice, you can find points of contact and communication.

This training is offered to teachers and dedicated practitioners, and offers an embodied approach to getting deeper into an existing asana practice. Yoga articulates a philosophy of the body that is both formal and informative. Alignment focused, theory forward, this training will give students new insights from the esoteric ideas of subtle body anatomies to the pragmatic use of geometry to sustain form. We will cover all aspects of Katonah Yoga’s unique practices, including adjustments, restorative, teaching privates, home practice, body reading, magic square, breath work and more.

Learn techniques to adjust yourself and your students in order to maximize revelation and minimize common mistakes.  This workshop is focused on training students to work with straps, blocks, hands, feet, poles, chairs and more for personal care, and eventually supporting others. You will gain competence through hands-on experience, and confidence through applied knowledge. Every day will begin with three hours of Katonah Yoga practice: asana, pranayama, meditation. Afternoon sessions will dive into the depths of applied theory.

We will cover:

• Maps and Materials: Katonah Yoga’s charts and glyphs, including the Magic Square and Wraps for Rapture
• Principles and Geometry of alignment in yoga poses, archetypes of numbers
• Hands-on Adjustments, modifications for injuries, elders / sensitive students
• Working with newbies, injuries, older students and those with limited mobility
• Body readings/diagnostics for informing personal practice
• Breakdown of frequently used poses and techniques along with their adjustments/modifications
• Working with props: straps, blocks, chairs, poles, sandbags and their substitutes

About Dages:

Dages grew up in Jackson, Wyo. and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. Dages teaches all over the world at international conferences and teacher trainings. A senior teacher of the Katonah lineage, she is known for having a unique empowering feminist perspective. As a teacher, Dages prizes clarity, compassion and depth of practice. She emphasizes open transmission of knowledge and draws from a wide and various background in yoga, dance, herbalism, language arts, and academic theory.

Her syncretic teaching style has been profoundly impacted by a decade-long immersion in studies with her mentor Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga. Dages began teaching in 2002. Her Yoga Alliance accreditations span studies from the Bihar School, 3HO, Anusara and Katonah Yoga. She holds a Post-Masters Artistic Research (Sint Lucas Antwerpen 2022), MA Interdisciplinary Studies (New York University, 2014) and BA Contemporary Dance Performance and Choreography (Bard College, 2002).

For all the new yoga teachers out there — if you’ve just graduated from your 200hr YTT or wanting to boost your teaching skills and confidence - this mentorship program is for you! Led by internationally trained yoga teacher Steph Cusack, this 50 hour interactive program is designed to give you practical tools and guided experience in several areas of teaching — including defining your personal purpose and teaching style, correct alignment and verbal cueing, hands-on adjustments and class sequencing. All levels of experience welcome.

This winter 2020.

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Uhrzeit 14:00-17:00

Kopfstand, Handstand und Co. – Umkehrhaltungen sind für viele von uns ein Mysterium. Wir hassen sie oder wir lieben sie. Selten begegnen wir ihnen neutral. Mit ein wenig Technik und viel viel spielerischer Übung können diese Haltungen allen große Freude bereiten.

In diesem Workshop werden wir Handstand, Unterarmstand und Kopfstand in ihre Bestandteile zerlegen und uns mit ihnen vertraut machen. Nur was man kennt, kann man verstehen. Wir werden Übungen ausführen, die für alle geeignet sind, egal wieviel Erfahrung und spielerisch ausprobieren.

Wenn du bereits erste oder auch viele Schritte in Umkehrhaltungen gegangen bist, wirst du hier neue Impulse bekommen, um deine Praxis zu verfeinern.

Eins werden alle sicher: die Perspektive auf Altbekanntes wechseln und Spaß an der eigenen Praxis haben.