I have never done yoga before or less than 5 times, which classes can I start with?

Our classes are open level flows, you may join all classes. We recommend to start with an AWAKE flow as the nature of the class is a slower pace. It is important that you give yourself room to practice during the class, to learn how the different poses are put together. After a few times you will start to feel able to step into the flow more and more. In every class, every teacher will give options and it is really important that you decide the pace of your practice and the limit of your bodies. Please be aware that ALL LEVELS does not mean BEGINNERS COURSE. Classes can be a little challenging at some point but then you choose YOUR option, which feels good in YOUR body. Be sure to ask the teacher questions before or after class if something is not clear to you.

Do I have to pre-register online?

Walk-ins are possible, we do ask you to pre-register online if possible. Pick your class in our schedule where you will be forwarded to our booking tool eversports.

Do you offer trial lessons?

We offer a one-time trial month subscription and of course you can buy a single lesson if you care to drop in. Here you can find all our packages and prices.

Membership: how can I buy one and how often can I join?

Our membership is bookable through our website or directly over eversports and its called flatrate. You can join as many classes daily/weekly/monthly as you feel like.

In what languages do you offer your classes?

We offer classes in german and english, check out the description in our schedule to find out which classes are taught in which language. 

Do you offer private classes?

Yes. For information about our private classes and booking requests send us an e-mail via

What do I need to bring to my class?

We have mats for you to use but you are welcome to bring your own. Same goes for blankets blocks and pillows. Optionally, you are welcome to bring any additional supplies that you need to have a fulfilling practice.We advise to bring comfortable clothing that allows you to move in.Our studio is a no shoe zone.

Due to the current regulations make sure to bring a ffp2 mouth/nose guard. Your negative covid-19 test, a proof of full vaccination or a proof of full recovery of covid-19

Do you offer showers?

We do not have showers, but our beautiful fountain allows for freshing up before or after your practice. 

Do you have lockers?

Yes we have enough lockers for every student in the class.

I am pregnant, can I join your classes?

As in all yoga classes, you practice at your own responsibility. Please talk to your doctor/specialist beforehand to know if it is safe for you to practice yoga. Please always let the teachers know before the class so that they can recommend variations.

How do I know which teacher is the best fit for me?

We have a carefully selected team of beautiful teachers coming from various yoga backrounds. Our teachers put their personality into their lessons and teach in their own unique style. Therefore the intensity and focus can differ per teacher. It is best to try a lesson with all of them to get a feel for who speaks to you best at what time. On this page you can read more about who they are.

What do your yoga classes look like?

Our regular feelings classes are 60mins long and are individually prepared and tailored by our teachers. our classes are not labeled in yoga-styles but evolve around a feeling, Inspired by happiness, lightness, strength and safety your state of mind will decide which original feelings class will be best for you on that day. 

What is the best way to get to OriginalFeelings?

The easiest way to get there is by foot, by bike or by moped. The bus stop Graefestraße (M41) is 1 minute walk away. From the subway station Schönleinstraße (U8) you walk about 10 minutes.

Do you offer on site parking?

Unfortunately there is no parking on site. We kindly ask you not to park on the premisses since the little spots available are for the residents of the building. 

I can’t make it to the class. Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Unfortunately there is no refund for no-shows. If you can’t make it to your class you can log out your registration via your eversports account. 

Please also have in mind: there is no refund, if you are late to the class and the door is already closed PLUS there is no refund if you forget your Covid-Pass and or Covid-Test. 

How is the cancelation period?

You can cancel your class via the eversports app till 24 hours before class starts, if you do so you get your money back. for spontaneous cancellations you can use a service called "late cancelation" via your eversports app and give your slot someone else. in the case of such a short - term cancelation you do not get a refund. also please have in mind: writing an email to the studio staff is not a way of cancelation and will not guarantee a refund.