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24th - 27th AUGUST 2023

arrive on THURSDAY afternoon and
stay with us till SUNDAY lunch time

we will experience magical days together
on the German countryside

double bed room 3 nights 1.000,00€
single room 1.500,00€


What are your everyday-life triggers?
Which emotions inform the way you feel in your body?
Do you want to accept it? Embrace it? Change it?
Will movement or stillness support you?

In a clean and calm atmosphere, our growing teacher team will guide you through these feelings and your days. We encourage release over suppression. And we welcome every emotion.
In the buzzing city of Berlin we created an oasis to be present and unwind.

After two years of Original Feelings Studio we recognized it is now time to take our practises, teachers and you on a deeper journey. Out of Berlin.

Out – and maybe into your new – comfort zone.
How does it feel when you zoom out of familiar structures, your profession, your social commitments?What do you want to strip off and what to deepen upon return? How do you want to feel in your body? And what does your mind need?

A safe space away from home, where you have time to take
what you want and leave what you don't need. through the practices of Vinyasa yoga and Katonah Yoga you will feel into
mediating your middle.

Our 4 day Retreat 'Original Healing' takes place in the German countryside with our resident teachers, fellow humans and accompanied by nourishing, home-cooked food by an on-site chef.

Brooklyn and Toni will guides you through this journey and help you to reconnect with your body, mind and feelings.
How a day at the retreat could look like: 

morning practice
a dynamic asana practice
combined with meditation and pranayama 

you can expect nourishing,
self-made food, vegetarian
and healthy, a lot of fruits and cereals
to start the day with a lot of energy made by our lovely chef
free time
take a walk through the woods
read a book
take the chance to connect with new souls
enjoy the silence in the big big garden
take some notes
book treatments
enjoy a 1:1 yoga session
you do you!

second asana practice
more playful like that one in the morning
you can expect a workshop style
or cerimonial cacao circle
or sound bath

afternoon snack
a base of ancient grains
fresh salads and roasted veggies 

free time in the late afternoon
to rest up for the evening practice
have a siesta
get a massage
listen to a podcast
take a nap

evening practice
a flow followed by a
a gentle restorative practice 
yin to yang

a drink on the terrace
followed by a nourishing dinner
times for chats and giggles
You will gather with like-minded spirits, friends or get the chance to spend most of it with your (true) self. You can choose to have a challenging, active retreat or simply heal.

At Original Healing, we will not just deepen our yoga practice, but offer other holistic methods and treatments to guide you to feel: well, full, more.

You can choose have a challenging, active experience or simply heal.

There will be the possibility to book treatments every afternoon. Enjoy a 90 minutes Zen Thai Massage or let go in the touch of a Flow Presse Session. Unwind with an ayurvedic oil treatment or relaxe through a nourishing Reiki session.

Book your spot now, we cant wait to have you.