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30h Yoga Therapy with Susan Michel

During these four days we will focus on regulating our nervous system through yoga and somatic exercises. Through asanas, meditation, yoga nidra, breathing techniques and conscious touch, we will explore and develop our body's relationship to itself and the space that surrounds us.As background knowledge, we deal with the anatomy of the nervous system and its stress regulation, as well as the differentiation between stress and trauma and helpful supports in dealing with it. In addition, we look at the potential and limitations of yoga techniques in this regard. Building on this, we will devote ourselves to the topic of “Mindful Touch” and support each other with exercises for breathing regulation and postures, as well as designing guided relaxation and instructing it as a partner exercise.This training is suitable for both yoga teachers and interested practitioners.We start every day with somatic exercises, guided meditation and an asana practice to immerse ourselves deeply in self-awareness and to develop the themes of the day.