its super important for us to create a safe and hygienic space for you while practicing at original feelings. we follow the hygiene regulations strictly.

please always wear a mask when you enter the studio and keep it on until you reach your mat.

we are lucky to have such a spacious place, so it is possible for us to provide enough space for everyone while practicing, as well as before and after our yoga classes. while being at original feelings please keep a safe distance (1,5 meters) to the other yogis, not only on the mat but also in the changing area or at the tea bar.  

we prepare the setting of the mats in advance so we can ensure a safe distance between each and every mat. mats are sanitized and safe for you to use, you can always bring your own and put it on top of one of ours. Please do not change the setting of the mats in the shala.

before and after every practice we air the complete studio space and clean the mats with disinfection.

let's have a safe and healthy practice together at original feelings.