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30 Hour Katonah Yoga Intensive Training with Alex Sharry, assisted by Antonia Lingemann
*hours bankable toward Katonah Yoga certification

Dates: 05.10.2023 - 08.10.2023
Investment: € 850,00

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Katonah Yoga is a practice created by Nevine Michaan that uses a blend of asana, theory, breathwork, and meditation to potentiate personal and communal well-being.  Whether you are a teacher or student, advanced in your practice or brand new, well-being is a technical endeavor that we can all achieve.  In this training, we will get more specific with certain facets of the material so that we can use the time to our advantage and develop skills you can use right away.This is Alex and Toni’s third time running this training at Original Feelings and we’ve decided to hone in on four strands of the Katonah Yoga practice:

Body Reading:  We believe Body Reading is a technique that is developed over time and that in order to do so responsibly one needs to see it, hear it, and practice it over-and-over-and-over again.  Our curriculum will begin with the Practical–how to read a map as objectively as possible, how to engage in a helpful, diagnostic way without psychoanalyzing, how to use theory and metaphor to talk about the embodied experience–and land in the Magical–how to be helpful without being emotionally and physically invasive, how to read potential rather than damage, and how to teach gently so the insight is collaborative.  You’ll be asked to interface with your own actualization process, to assess why Body Reading is a technique you’d like to use, and to build your practice in an integrated and open way so that this technique is one you will continue to grow over time.

Adjustments:  We’re going to fine-tune the ones we already know and introduce some new approaches.  We’ll explore how powerful and multifaceted contact can be, and how one can make hearty contact by using our bodies, via our hands and legs and our language, through verbal cueing and creative sequencing.

Private Lessons:  By the end of this training, you will feel adept at teaching a Katonah Yoga private lesson.  You will feel confident integrating body reading, adjustments, and restorative poses into what you already do with your student(s), and you’ll feel more comfortable using theory to support your process.  Working with individuals is a great way to hone your vision and develop a Student-Centered approach to your teaching.  All of this elevates your teaching in a public classroom and beyond.

Theory:  From the Magic Square, to Wraps for Rapture, to the theory that underpins how poses are taught, we will explore why theory works and keeps your teaching and practice fresh over time.  We’ll also explore how all theoretical information can support each other, so that Katonah Yoga feels like an additional tool on your teaching tool belt and/or added dynamism to your ongoing studentship.If you’ve trained with us before, some overlay of content may sound familiar, but know that this training is going to be specialized to the above topics so we will get the chance to take a hearty dive into the material.  This is for students and teachers alike, although the material will be dialed in to how to use this information.There will be asana and pranayama practice everyday, so you will embody the practice and witness everything we’re learning take form in real time.  Remember that repetition births insight, and that the best things come in time.  Whether you’re new, or have been at this for a long time, join us for a deep exploration of this magical practice.

About Alex Sharry
I have always loved being embodied and having my mind changed and challenged, and Katonah Yoga gives me both of those things. In the classroom, I use Chinese Medicine, literature, pedagogical theory, Taoist philosophy, and humor to potentiate well-being. These universal references help us understand ourselves with more clarity, which helps us feel more fluent in the world. Over the years, Katonah Yoga has helped me develop a greater confidence in myself knowing that I have techniques to help me traverse life withskill, grace, and consciousness.

I am inspired by this practice and all the teachers who use theory to navigate the world. I see teaching as an ever-evolving artform that develops in tandem with our humanity.Teaching is the area in which I challenge myself most, but where I see myself clearest.

About Antonia Lingemann
What stuck with me the most from the moment I found this practice was the metaphor ofthe body being your house.

It totally changed how I treat and see my body and how I walk through life. That yoga isn’t here to perform, it’s here to INform. That it gives me the opportunity to get to know parts of myself that I’m not familiar with yet, helps me to explore corners in my house that eventually got a bit dusty and leaky over time but also points out the places Ivisit a lot.

Katonah Yoga invites us to question our familiarities and habituals, to explore new perspectives and angles within and around our house, and shows how that translates fromour practice into our life experience.

For all the new yoga teachers out there — if you’ve just graduated from your 200hr YTT or wanting to boost your teaching skills and confidence - this mentorship program is for you! Led by internationally trained yoga teacher Steph Cusack, this 50 hour interactive program is designed to give you practical tools and guided experience in several areas of teaching — including defining your personal purpose and teaching style, correct alignment and verbal cueing, hands-on adjustments and class sequencing. All levels of experience welcome.

This winter 2020.

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Uhrzeit 14:00-17:00

Kopfstand, Handstand und Co. – Umkehrhaltungen sind für viele von uns ein Mysterium. Wir hassen sie oder wir lieben sie. Selten begegnen wir ihnen neutral. Mit ein wenig Technik und viel viel spielerischer Übung können diese Haltungen allen große Freude bereiten.

In diesem Workshop werden wir Handstand, Unterarmstand und Kopfstand in ihre Bestandteile zerlegen und uns mit ihnen vertraut machen. Nur was man kennt, kann man verstehen. Wir werden Übungen ausführen, die für alle geeignet sind, egal wieviel Erfahrung und spielerisch ausprobieren.

Wenn du bereits erste oder auch viele Schritte in Umkehrhaltungen gegangen bist, wirst du hier neue Impulse bekommen, um deine Praxis zu verfeinern.

Eins werden alle sicher: die Perspektive auf Altbekanntes wechseln und Spaß an der eigenen Praxis haben.